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Contract Hire Wheelie Bin Cleaners

Wheelie bin washing machines for hire from Morclean HIRE

Morclean HIRE have been developing a range of wheelie bin cleaners for both domestic and commercial wheelie bins; from the domestic 120 litre bin, up to the 1100 litre commercial bin.

Available for long-term hire ONLY

12, 24 or 36 months lease

Morclean HIRE's trailer mounted wheelie bin cleaners are available for long term hire only on a lease purchase basis. Typically this would be 12, 24 or 36 months.

Unlike traditional hire equipment, such as a mixer, breaker or compactor, wheelie bin cleaners are not hired for a one-off job, as most contractors use the machines for a regular bin cleaning round.

Therefore we don't provide short term or a one off hire for these machines. We only keep brand new machines in stock (or build to order), and lease them on a longer term basis.

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The CustomHire or lease the CustomThe Custom PlusHire or lease the Custom Plus
Both variations of this wheelie bin washer are a cost-effective step into the lucrative bin washing market. Fitted with a Honda engine and a heavy-duty galvanised trailer. Featuring a 'one-button' lift mechanism and an extra powerful pressure wash, these bin washers make easy work of washing many bins.
Wheelie bin washing machines for hire from Morclean HIRE Wheelie bin washing machines for hire from Morclean HIRE

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The Environment Agency (EA)

The Environment Agency (EA), and many councils, are advising both businesses and home owners to keep bins in a clean condition, to prevent bins from becoming smelly and unpleasant. Uncleaned bins can attract pests and vermin like dogs, cats, maggots, mice and rats, it is recommended that bins are cleaned out, at the very least, monthly with anti-bacterial cleaner.

Many businesses like restaurants, pubs, shops, and commercial premises now have to keep bin cleaning records for inspection by Environmental Health, and council agents. Derbyshire District Council is advising that cleaning should to be carried out by a reputable bin cleaning company, and are posting contact details on their web site.

Get wise before the council clamp down

Councils are now clamping down on the white van doing the rounds down our streets; with a 'Heath Robinson' system of chutes and water butts, a domestic electric pressure washer, a noisy generator, and the trail of rubbish as they dump the water and muck on the road right outside your house.

More and more householders are becoming aware of this irresponsible method of wheelie bin cleaning and are opting for the socially aware, responsible operators.

Meet the EA guidelines

Our latest purpose-built wheelie bin cleaner combines our years of experience with the recent release of guidelines by the Environmental Health agency.

The wheelie bin cleaners complies with EA guidelines as the water is contained and recycled.

The Wheelie Bin Wash Custom and Customplus models from Morclean Hire are fully self-contained purpose-built heavy duty trailer mounted systems, capable of washing either 2 X 120 litre domestic bins or 1 X 1100 litre commercial bin.

You can't afford to miss this opportunity

We offer customers and operators the opportunity of an economical solution to enter this lucrative bin cleaning market, without entering into a restrictive and expensive franchise agreement

You really are your own boss, with potential earnings in access of £78,000 per year based on cleaning 100 X 120 litre domestic bins per day at £3.00 each. That's not taking into account the opportunities in the commercial 1100 litre bin sector.

Generate extra income

We have also allowed for the opportunity of generating extra income by building in as standard an option of being able to clean down and disinfect:

All these opportunities have the potential for building customer awareness and the size of your customer base.

The trailer mounted machines come as standard on a single axle, robust, galvanised steel trailer, fitted with a standard 50 mm ball hitch, jockey wheel, braking gear and lighting.