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Hire a wet and dry cleaner for your offices, schools and homes

Vacuum Cleaner Hire

110v, 240v, 415v and 50Hz for Specialist Tasks

Morclean stocks wet and dry vacuum cleaners to hire at 110v, 240v, 415v and 50Hz for specialist tasks such as removal of soot, wood shavings and volatile substances.

Air Driven and ATEX Rated

Morclean recognises where vacuum cleaners will be required in hazardous areas and where a risk of ignition of a substance can be a significant health and safety hazard. We also offer for hire Air driven and ATEX safety vaccum cleaners for use in these cirucmstances.

High Capacity and Pump-out Vacuums

For large volumes of powder or fine filtration, air and safety vacuums are in stock, as well as high capacity vacuums (up to 1000L) and pump-out vacuums for extracting large amounts of liquid.